Beyond cool. Bob Monroe reflects through the years in an interview. In this unique approach, Bob meets with Psychic Medium Kari Young that envokes an interesting twist.

“You can’t hear this song and not have a big smile on your face, or your soul, and bop around all night long like I did last night in my kitchen” – Kari Young

Bob talks about the process of how his songs are written. Including one of his common songwriting techniques… writing in the car on the way to rehearsal!

“If this song doesn’t lift you up, and lift your spirits, then you are not human” – Kari Young

Pictured below: The Monroes in concert at SDSU followed by Toto. Left to right: Eric Denton, Tony Ortiz, Bob Monroe, Rusty Jones and on Drums Jonnie Gilstrap.

Other photos on this page include some rare and never seen before photos.

  1. What Do All the People Know? Complete Lyrics The Monroes 4:20

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