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Eric knows adversity.

We were at our record label, storyboarding our songs video, when we overheard the secretaries discussing what they would do, after the label left their Hollywood office.

The video was never made, we were sold to CBS Columbia records, and they did nothing with us for 2 years. We had all previously quit our jobs, we were lost, running out of money. My recording studio was repossessed.

It wasn’t always bad, as a matter of fact, it had never been bad…

Read on…


Prior to Rock Bottom

Prior to the Record Label closing the Hollywood office, everything had been growing exponentially! My music career was skyrocketing. I had started bands in middle school, gigged all through High School, was on the road by age 19. I bought a recording studio by age 21 and had a record deal a few years later.

We toured with major acts, song was climbing up the Billboard charts. There was no doubt in my mind… ever… that I would not be amazing successful.

Then the family started… and with the fortunes changing at the record label, I decided the best way to raise a family, would not be on the road… I bought a guitar store.


Guitar Trader

Good times for sure. A successful Guitar Store kept me in town to raise my family, in beautiful Southern California. Kept me close to musicians.

However, with the kids older now, now is the time to return back to music. 2019 I went on tour with Foreigner in a support band. It was a very demanding role with multiple keyboards and often having to cover several keyboard parts at the same time!


Composer – Songwriter

Having already built and engineered and developed successful songs in a recording studio, it was easy for me to build a home studio. Now I spend everyday writing and producing music for bands, other artists, film, media, TV and video games.

Its a BLAST! It’s a wonderful life!!


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