1. Timeless Memories Eric Denton 1:52

The Story

This song is available for film or production (One Stop):

Fond memories. My grandmother’s house was always clean… and well… magical.

I often think of her rich past, her travels, her adventures… and did she have many romances of long ago. Many stories she dare not talk of… yet they are part of what makes her what she is.

This jewelry box image represents her mementos. Little keepsakes that she keeps to remind of special times, special people, perhaps long forgotten by others.

I am painting a picture here. My goal here is to guide you to find the music that is perfect for your film or video. This same piece could be used for a story of a king, or anyone of royalty, as they gallantly march forward, doing what is best for the throne, not necessarily for their heart. etc etc

Behind the Scene

This song was actually written while visiting her. It has a sweet sad melody. Happy memories, sad they are in the past, never to be recovered, except when she closes her eyes.

Timeless Memories

Artist : , ,
Title : Together
Release Date : June 27, 2017
Format : Digital Download

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