1. Unforgotten Glory Eric Denton 2:26

The Story

Epic Glorious. A powerful production with a strong melody. One that could be an anthem for any film, or album.

Starting with an entrancing intro, it moves into beautiful French horns… close your eyes and envision what timeless stories you wish. For me, I can feel a hero, a leader destined for glory, arriving home. Loved and admired by family and peasants everywhere.

As the song builds, there is an element of Rock that is finally punctuated with an enthusiastic choir.

This song is available for film or production (One Stop):

Behind the Scenes

This song is a slight departure from the rock and ‘hooky’ pop I normally write and produce.

I am seeing this musical direction to be a big part of my future, most likely doing more film work. (Although the melody, the song produced as another version… could be used as a pop melody hit song as well)

It is surprisingly fun to work with orchestral sounds, especially with powerful ‘wartribe’ type of orchestral drums.


Unforgotten Glory

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Title : Together
Release Date : June 27, 2017
Format : Digital Download